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About MWIA

This organization is dedicated to improving the neighborhood of Mount Washington in Baltimore City, Maryland. It is supported by hundreds of members and governed in a democratic representative manner.

Since its start in 1885, MWIA has a long history of managing new issues and challenges to benefit the overall community and to preserve the character of the neighborhood.



Mount Washington Improvement Association is governed by a board of directors consisting of:


Board meetings are normally held at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month (except in July and August). Ordinarily, every other Board meeting is open to the public and held in a location that will accommodate a larger audience. The Annual Member Meeting is held on the second Tuesday in June. See our calendar

If you wish to attend a closed meeting, please contact the President with your request.


Membership in Mount Washington Improvement Association is open to residents of Mount Washington, and the annual dues are $40. All MWIA members in good standing (i.e., who have paid their dues in full for the current year) are entitled to vote at the Annual Member Meeting in June. If you would like to join MWIA, please visit our membership page, or email the membership coordinator at

Grant Application

MWIA provides small grants to projects that help our community. To apply for a grant, please fill out our grant application and email it to MWIA President.


Email lists


The work of MWIA is largely done by committees. Non-board members can serve on most committees. Browse our list of current committees and please contact the committee chair directly if you would like to help.

The Board


Board of Directors

Past Presidents

Area Captains

Area Map
Area Map

Area Director: Deb Kleiner

  1. Ari McCown Flagle and Larry Mangum
  2. Esther Fleischmann
  3. Marrion Phipps
  4. Joan Wisner-Carlson
  5. Lu Pierson
  6. Greg Walsh
  7. Betsy Royall