City Services


Located in or adjacent to Mount Washington are two hospitals: Sinai Hospital on Northern Parkway and Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital on Rogers Avenue.


If your home is in the 21209 zip code area of Mount Washington, you are part of the Northern Police District. The Northwestern Police District encompasses homes in some of the 21215 zip code area. Contact information for both is available through the Baltimore City Police website.

The Mt. Washington Improvement Association also provides additional information about crime prevention. To find out more contact Norma Cohen at 410-542-4396 or subscribe to the MWIA e-mail alert system. In the event of breaking news or recent activity in a certain area, residents will be notified by e-mail.

Post Office

Located across from the Northwest Skating Rink. Go north on Falls Road about 50 yards past the Kelly Avenue Bridge and then left. A second left will take you under the bridge and to the Post Office.

Light Rail Bus/Subway

The Light Rail line has a stop in the village. City buses also run through Mount Washington. The nearest subway station is located at the corner of Rogers Avenue and Wabash Street.

The basic fare for the Baltimore area Light Rail is $1.60. Day passes and weekly and monthly passes are available. You can find more information at the MTA website.

Garbage Pick-up and Recycling

Garbage pickup is once a week. Check with your neighbors to determine on which days your trash is collected.

Baltimore City now takes part in Single Stream Recycling — all recyclables are collected on the same day and can be placed in the same container. Check with your neighbors to see when the recycling day is for your area. More information is available at the Department of Public Works recycling website.

Leaf Pickup

To paraphrase Joyce Kilmer, There is nothing as lovely as a tree, and in Mt. Washington we are blessed with lots of lovely trees. As fall approaches, we are painfully aware of how many lovely leaves fall from our lovely trees. The city will not vacuum Mt. Washington's millions of leaves, but the Department of Public Works will help you get rid of them. You may bag the leaves and set them out for pick-up on the second trash collection day in clear plastic bags or clearly labeled bags, from October through January. In late fall, the City will also often collect leaves on Sundays.

Bulk Trash

Bulk trash pickup can be scheduled for one day each month by calling 311 or using DPW's online form. More information is available at the DPW website.

For bulk pickup, you may leave three items at your regular trash pick-up site. Bulk items include appliances, furniture, and up to 4 tires with the rims removed. Do NOT leave building materials such as sheet rock, siding, wood pieces, or roofing out for bulk pick-up.