Mt. Washington Improvement Association: Committees

The Land Use and Zoning Committee

The MWIA Land Use and Zoning Committee helps to preserve the character of our neighborhood by acting as an oversight agent for any proposed zoning changes or exceptions. The Planning Department notifies the Zoning Committee whenever a property owner in our neighborhood applies for a variance or change in zoning. The Committee meets periodically to review such changes, and makes recommendations to the full Board for a position where appropriate. The City’s Planning Commission and Zoning Board always inquire regarding the position of the neighborhood, which often influences their decision.

Public Safety

The Mt. Washington Community is located within the boundaries of the Northern Police District. Any emergency incident should be reported to 911, that is, anything that requires immediate police attention. Any incident that involves a non-emergency situation should be reported to 311. If you are ever a victim of a crime, it is important that it be reported, even if you don't plan to make an insurance claim. We keep statistics of any reported incidents and in order to be accurate and safe, we must know what is happening.

Mt. Washington is a very safe neighborhood; however, it is necessary to adhere to common sense safety precautions. Items of value or of perceived value should not be left in cars, nor should doors to sheds or homes be left unlocked.

We have an active Citizens’ Patrol that involves a 2 1/2 hour commitment about every 6 months. The patrol involves driving around the neighborhood as either a driver or observer with a lighted sign on the car. Our patrol is headquartered at the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. We also have a very loose type of walking patrol that involves walking (at your own schedule) and wearing a bright orange vest. You can find out more about either of these programs by calling the Chair of the Public Safety Committee.

Mwia Committees and Liaisons 2013-2014

Parks Committee (Luckman, Northwest, Western Run)
David Nemerson-Chair, Jason Kortte, Bryce Butler, Curt McKnight, Roberta Strickler, Mac Nachlas (Trail), Mary Beth Dyer, Naomi Goldstick-Rosner, Ellen O’Brien, Emily Shaw, Marla Streb, Lindsey White

David Conn and Miles Norin-Co-Chairs, Michael Schmelyun, Bryce Butler, Anne Chamberlain

Membership and Outreach
Sally Staugaitis-Chair, Eric Seaberg, David Nemerson, David Conn, Myles Norin

Legal, Bylaws and Governance
Bryce Butler, Robin Kroft, Sarah Keogh, Lindsay White

David Nemerson, Elina Toole, Sally Staugitis

Pimlico Racetrack
Stuart Caplan-Chair, David Nemerson, Jere Morrell

Public Safety
Norma Igelhart, Jere Morrell, Emily Shaw

Traffic, Transportation and Infrastructure
Elina Toole-Chair, Carol Berkower, Jere Morrell, Monica Meade, Carla Hobson, Marla Streb

Zoning and Land Use
Peter Garver-Chair, Susan Pierce, Amanda Conn, Mac Nachlas, George Lewis

Welcome Baskets
Sally Staugaitis-Chair, Brooke Redgrave

Emily Shaw, Bonnie Adachi, Lindsey White

Missie Mack, Caroline Tufts, Joan Wisner-Carlson, Elizabeth Grove, Melinda Frame, Bev Ciccarone, Ellen O’Brien, Bonnie Adachi

Mount Washington School
David Conn-Chair, Stuart Caplan, Bonnie Adachi, Anne Chamberlain

Liaison to Sudbury School
James Taylor

Mount Washington Village Merchants
Gwendolyn Jackson, James Taylor (Parking/Transportation)

Booth Representatives at Mount Washington Events
David Nemerson, Emily Shaw

Mount Washington Architectural Review
Laurie McLain-Chair, Jan Franz, Ed Halliday, Trent Zivkovich

Stuart Caplan, Roberta Strickler

Website layout/Design
Bryce Butler, Sarah Keogh, James Taylor

Aaron Sherber

Board Liaison to Webmaster
Bryce Butler

Liaison to SNAP and SNAP Open Space and Environ. Committees
Mac Nachlas

Liaison to SNAP Traffic Committee
Elina Toole, Marla Streb (Underpass-Bike Path)

Liaison to Johns Hopkins Conference Center
James Taylor

Jones Falls Trail
Mac Nachlas, David Conn, Roberta Strickler

Liaison to the Mount Washington Preservation Trust
Paul Levine-President

Tree Lighting
Elizabeth Grove, Matt McGyver, Lindsel White

Slots Revenue Allocations Planning
Mac Nachlas-Chair

Chimes Covenant Committee (MWIA Contingent)
Denise Duval-Chair, David Nemerson, Paul Levine

Housing and Property Conditions
Susan Pierce-Chair, Gwendolyn Jackson

MWIA Grant Requests
Bryce Butler, Alex Garrido