Mt. Washington Improvement Association: FAQ

What if I need to file for a variance?

When you apply for your building permit, you will be advised of this requirement. You may call the Zoning Enforcement Office at 410-396-4126 if you have questions about the zoning for your property. Should you need to file for a variance, we will ask you to present your proposed change to our committee. Prior to this meeting we will ask you to poll all neighbors whose property abuts or is across the street from yours, and that you obtain letters or prepare a signed petition of support.

What if I want to make a complaint about another property, which I think violates zoning laws?

Call the Zoning Enforcement Office at 410-396-4126 and discuss the matter. They should be able to verify whether the offence is a zoning violation, and if it is, what steps to take. If the issue is not actually a zoning violation, but you feel is inappropriate nonetheless, contact the MWIA Housekeeping Committee.

How do I find out about what happened at the latest meetings of the Zoning Committee?

The best way is to come to the bi-monthly public board meetings, which are listed in our Calendar section of the website. Most of the business of the Committee is fairly routine, and consists of someone who wants to build an addition, and has the support of their neighbors. We do our best to circulate information about major issues about which we think many people would be concerned (e.g., adding slot machines at Pimlico Racetrack ).