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Jones Falls Trail

The Board of the Mt. Washington Improvement Association voted at its December 18, 2007 open meeting to support the recommendations of its Jones Falls Trail Committee. The vote was 18 to 1 (plus one abstention) in favor of this motion:

The Board of the Mount Washington Improvement Association, on behalf of its membership, having considered all the information presented to it, reaffirms its position that the proposed extension of the Jones Falls Trail through Mt. Washington is a desirable amenity that will improve the quality of life in the community.

Notwithstanding the benefits of the proposed trail, the Association is aware of the concerns of some residents about possible adverse consequences, and is dedicated to ensuring that the trail is designed and constructed in a way that addresses the concerns of the community.

Therefore, it is now resolved,

That the MWIA shall express its support to the City of Baltimore for the proposed extension of the Jones Falls Trail along the route described to the community as the “West Rogers Avenue Connection”.

This route would enter the Northwest Park via a bridge across Northern Parkway that would originate from the east side of Greenspring Avenue, just north of the Sinai Hospital pedestrian walkway. The trail would travel through the Northwest Park, emerge at W. Rogers Avenue at or east of Wexford Road, and travel eastward on W. Rogers toward the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. It would enter the hospital’s woods west of its driveway, and proceed along the original route the MWIA supported in May 2007.

We offer our support under the same conditions expressed in the Jones Falls Trail resolution of May 15, 2007, in lines 14 through 30. In addition:

• We make our support contingent on the City’s commitment not to proceed with its design process or apply for funding for this route until it has presented all the residents of the affected blocks of W. Rogers Avenue with the opportunity to be fully briefed on this route, and any negative impacts it may have on them, and to consult with them on the measures the City will take to mitigate those impacts;

• Recognizing that many residents will be tempted to travel Cross Country Boulevard to access the trail, we strongly urge the City to adopt measures to make not only W. Rogers Avenue but also Cross Country Boulevard safer for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly at the cross streets, including but not limited to expediting the recommendations that the MWIA’s Traffic Committee submitted to the City, under the Mayor’s Initiative on Traffic Calming, in November 2007;

• We urge the City, in order to provide a safer route of access to the trail, to commit to the development of the Western Run Trail spur, recognizing that this spur will provide easier access to the Jones Falls Trail than by the far more dangerous Cross Country Boulevard;

• We express our concerns about restoring the health of the wooded areas that will be impacted by the construction of the trail, and we urge the City to agree to take measures intended to assure the regrowth of native vegetation, and the preservation of forest biodiversity;

• We ask the City, for the section of the trail within the Northwest Park, to build the trail around as much of the perimeter of the park as possible, within the constraints of private property rights, and so long as the trail does not extend to the level of the golf driving range;

• We recommend that the W. Rogers Avenue trail section be designed to limit the number of homes it passes to the extent possible.

The powerpoint presentation describing the planning process and the plan for the Jones Falls trail extension in Mount Washington is now posted at:

This is the presentation given by Beth Strommen of the City Planning Department at the last MWIA open meeting. Additional community discussion of the proposal can be found at

Proposed Development at the Wesley

As a part of the comprehensive negotiations that resulted in the 80-year lease of the new Mt. Washington Fields (formerly the UB Fields), the Wesley expressed the desire to develop behind its existing structure. The Wesley agreed to share the preliminary, not-yet-approved plans for the expansion in the form of a conceptual drawing. Please note that this is not an approved plan, merely a proposal at this point.

The Northwest Community Planning Forum consists of five contiguous Baltimore neighborhoods (Mt. Washington, Glen, Cheswolde, Falstaff, and Cross Country). In March, 2005 the forum, working with the Baltimore City Planning Department, released its Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP). The Plan, which was adopted by the Planning Commission on March 10, 2005, represents a long-range plan for the neighborhoods.

Pimlico Race Track

Previous 2003 position statement of the Mt. Washington Improvement Association on electronic gaming and Pimlico Race Track.

Historical (2002) position of the MWIA on Pimlico and electronic gaming.

Update on Mt. Washington Elementary School

Look for future postings by Mt. Washington Elementary principal and others in this location.