Mt. Washington Improvement Association
Position on Electronic Gaming and the Pimlico Race Track
Adopted February 24, 2003

The Mt. Washington Improvement Association has a strong historic interest in protecting the viability of our community. Therefore, we oppose any legislation on electronic gaming that does not include the following:

  1. The viability of Pimlico Race Track as a racing facility must be maintained.
  2. All of the Baltimore City neighborhoods within a one mile radius surrounding the Pimlico Race Track must receive financial support to offset the potential and actual impacts of the introduction of slots, based on the population and estimated magnitude of the impacts.
  3. The impacts of electronic gaming on traffic, crime, noise, and sanitation in the surrounding neighborhoods must be studied and mitigated by racetrack impact funds, particularly along the Northern Parkway corridor.
  4. Mt. Washington Elementary School must be included in educational funding from racetrack impact funds.
  5. Development of the racetrack must include consultation with the surrounding communities.

No legislation authorizing electronic gaming should be enacted until these issues have been adequately studied and addressed.