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Zoning Committee Process

MWIA has adopted a process for all interested in requesting the association's support in their improvement projects.

To review the process and answer the required conditions, please download the MWIA Developer Guide and Questionnaire.


Mount Washington is a historic district and it puts additional permit requirements for doing exterior work. The committee responsible for this is the Architectural Review Committee.

Proposal for 1800 Thornbury Road

There is a proposal to subdivide 1800 Thornbury into two lots. It will be discussed at a public meeting on Thursday 4/27 at 7:30 in the MW lower school building.

Proposal for Development of 1700 South Road (Spring 2017)

Blue Ocean Realty is under contract to purchase 1700 South Road (St. John's church) to use as its office headquarters. They are requesting to rezone the Chruch to an O-R District and to have the 1976 Mount Washington Village Urban Renewal Plan to include the church.

In accordance with MWIA's process for considering zoning requests, the proposal is outlined in the questionnaire and plans.

The original proposal was presented by Blue Ocean at a community meeting and fully discussed on 3/2 at the Mt. Washington School Lower Building (the one on Smith Ave) in the gym.

There was another open community meeting on Wednesday, April 19th. The MWIA Board voted to support the proposal with the condition of a signed restricted covenant that includes what was in the proposal along with prohibiting medical office uses of any kind, as agreed upon at the meeting.