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MWIA Committees and Liaisons 2017-2018

There are five committees each with several subcommittees. The named individuals are the chairs of the (sub)committees.

  1. Governance [Lindsey White]
    • Bylaws/legal [Lindsey White] Chris Mincher; Julie Tong
    • Membership [David Conn]
    • Welcome Baskets [Sally Staugaitis]
    • Nominating [David Nemerson]
  2. Finance [David Nemerson]
    • Grant Requests [Eric Seaberg]
    • Stewardship [David Nemerson]
  3. Community and Neighborhood Institutions [Lindsey White]
    • Parade [Parade Divas]
    • MWS [Molly St. James, Kathy Daumer]
    • Springwell liaison [Holly Coleman, Ira Kolman]
    • Pediatric Hospital liaison [Holly Coleman]
    • Octagon Lighting [Kathy Daumer]
    • Chimes liason [OPEN]
    • Community Center [Josh Weiss, Jon Hennesee] Kristin Moore; Leslie Moore; Kimberly Brodie-Hopkins
    • Merchant’s liaison [Gwendolyn Jackson]
  4. Communications [Chris Mincher]
    • Newsletter [Chris Mincher]
    • Webmaster [James Taylor]
    • Technology/Board Communications [Kathy Daumer]
  5. Infrastructure/City Agencies (Jere Morrel, David Nemerson)
    • Parks [David Nemerson (Chair); Ryan Hopkins (Vice-chair)]
    • Trail [David Conn]
    • Slots Funding [Ira Kolman, Scot Vanderpool]
    • Crime [Louise Cornell]
    • Zoning and Land Use [Danielle Shapiro, Holly Coleman] Charlie Ravenna, Jacquelyn Jones, Chris Mincher, Julie Tong, Lindsey White
    • ARC [Walter Daly] John Mack, Julie Gabrielli, Ed Haladay
    • Traffic [Julie Tong]
    • Pimlico [Jere Morrel] Jacquelyn Jones, Deb Kleiner, Kristin Glass