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Mount Washington

Mount Washington is a beautiful blend of nature and city with grand houses amongst modest homes. The Mount Washington Improvement Association is dedicated to preserving and enhancing this eclectic yet cohesive blend of ways of being.

To join the MWIA is to give strength to our collective voices in matters that will have decades of lasting impact on our neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Thanks to our many hundreds of members, the city respectfully listens when the MWIA decides on a course of action. We have stopped development that threatened to diminish the neighborhood, supported development that enhanced it, and fought for communal enhancements such as parks and trails.

The MWIA began in 1885 and has a long history of working for and reflecting the values of the neighborhood. It has thrived through the generous support of our members. A wonderful benefit of being a member is our MWIA member value card which promotes our local businesses and saves you money. Joining is only $19 for new members and $40 thereafter.

Residents’ support of the MWIA helps make Mount Washington a neighborhood where, year-in and year out, homes maintain and increase their values. Members’ dues are used to print the bimonthly newsletter, now published six times a year; support community events such as the Spirit of Mount Washington Parade; and help the neighborhood school. The Northwest Park and its playground owe much to the efforts of the MWIA, both present and past, working with our local politicians.

Indeed, a robust membership also helps the MWIA vigorously represent the neighborhood’s interests before city and state planners and politicians. Baltimore’s City Hall has called MWIA one of the most influential organizations of its kind in the City. With such issues as the allocation of gambling revenues, the City’s major zoning-plan upgrade, and road and traffic improvements, Mount Washington needs the kind of clout that only comes with strong Association membership and resident involvement.

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Developer's Guide
Developer's Guide

1700 South Road Purchase Proposal
1700 South Road
      Purchase Proposal

MWIA has adopted a process for all interested in requesting the association's support in their improvement projects.

To review the process and answer the required conditions, please download the MWIA Developer Guide and Questionnaire.

The first use of this process is for Blue Ocean Realty who is under contract to purchase 1700 South Road (St. John's church) to use as its office headquarters. They are requesting to rezone the church portion of that lot to an O-R District and to have the Mount Washington Village Urban Renewal Plan amended to include the property.

In accordance with MWIA's process for considering zoning requests, the proposal is outlined in the questionnaire and plans.

The original proposal was presented by Blue Ocean at a community meeting and fully discussed on 3/2 at the Mt. Washington School Lower Building (the one on Smith Ave) in the gym. The current proposal is making a different zoning request than what was presented to the community.

The MWIA zoning committee is still reviewing this revised proposal. There will be another open community meeting on Wednesday, April 19th. The MWIA Board is anticipating voting on the proposal at that meeting.

Latest Newsletter

 Latest Newsletter

In our March 2017 Newsletter, we lead with two articles about major potential changes to the neighborhood: the long awaited Jones Falls Trail construction and a surprise announcement about Clayworks having to close. There are also articles about school funding, realtor tips for selling a house, memberships in the Eric Waller Community Garden, replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs, local residents joining protests, and a note from our president about committee restructuring.

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