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Ribbon Cutting at Playground at Northwest Park!

 NW Playground

Come join the MWIA on Saturday, May 7th from 10 AM - 12 PM, to celebrate the completion of the new NW Park Playground which recently opened this spring!

Please come enjoy some fun nature crafts with your neighboring artists, free snacks and drinks donated by local vendors, and meet the volunteers who helped to make this playground happen with the support of the MWIA and local politicians. Let's celebrate this great addition to our neighborhood together!


Mount Washington

 Mount Washington Arboretum

Mount Washington is a beautiful blend of nature and city with grand houses amongst modest homes. The Mount Washington Improvement Association is dedicated to preserving and enhancing this eclectic yet cohesive blend of ways of being.

To join the MWIA is to give strength to our collective voices in matters that will have decades of lasting impact on our neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Thanks to our many hundreds of members, the city respectfully listens when the MWIA decides on a course of action. We have stopped development that threatened to diminish the neighborhood, supported development that enhanced it, and fought for communal enhancements such as parks and trails.

The MWIA began in 1885 and has a long history of working for and reflecting the values of the neighborhood. It has thrived through the generous support of our members. A wonderful benefit of being a member is our MWIA member value card which promotes our local businesses and saves you money. Joining is only $19 for new members and $40 thereafter.

Sage James Way

 Sage James

On Thursday, April 14th, 2016, the city renamed the stretch of road next to the school, formerly known as Lochlea. It it a block long next to the school, between Sulgrave Ave and South Rd.

It commemorates Sage James, a student at Mount Washington School. In November 2015, she and her mother died in a tragic fire.

Pictured here is Ellison James, Sage's father, as he looks at the new street sign honoring his daughter.

The MWIA was asked by Sean Stinnet to write a letter in support of the street being renamed.

The renaming will apply for one year.

Mount Washington Patrol

Many years ago, Mount Washington had a neighborhood patrol. As crime decreased so did the need for the crime patrol. Lately, there has been a small increase in burglaries and to prevent it from becoming problematic, residents have organized a crime patrol.

The Mount Washington Patrol is intended to simply be a visible deterrent to potential criminals checking out the neighborhood. It is not expected that the patrol will see as much as it will be seen. If those on patrol do see something suspicious, they are under strict rules to do nothing other than alert the police and log it.

If you are interested, please read the full guidelines. The patrol uses an online calendar to coordinate the patrols and it has a form to fill out for each scheduled patrol.

The patrol is not a part of the MWIA though the MWIA has supported its efforts with a grant for the car signs.

2016 Membership Time

 Playground Equipment

It is time to renew our membership or, if your are new, time to join.

Residents’ support of the MWIA helps make Mount Washington a neighborhood where, year-in and year out, homes maintain and increase their values. Members’ dues are used to print the bimonthly newsletter, now published six times a year; support community events such as the Spirit of Mount Washington Parade; and help the neighborhood school.

The construction at Northwest Park was a hard fought battle for MWIA and is complete. We have a brand new playground thanks to the efforts of many MWIA volunteers. What else might the future hold with the MWIA on our collective side?

A robust membership also helps the MWIA vigorously represent the neighborhood’s interests before city and state planners and politicians. Baltimore’s City Hall has called MWIA one of the most influential organizations of its kind in the City. With such issues looming on the horizon as the allocation of gambling revenues, the City’s major zoning-plan upgrade, and road and traffic improvements, Mount Washington needs the kind of clout that only comes with strong Association membership and resident involvement.

Join today!

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